When you think of racing-inspired vehicles, an economy car probably doesn't come to mind -- that is unless you've been behind the wheel of the FIAT 500 Abarth.


This wild little hatchback (or convertible) model boasts a turbocharged engine, which is good for more power, more responsive acceleration and a more engaging driving experience that its more domesticated siblings. Even its style is modified to reflect the added pep. But don't worry about the FIAT's signature characteristics. They're all still there, from a fuel-efficient powertrain and comfortable ride quality to handsome European aesthetics. You can equip the 2015 Abarth model with Beats Premium Audio as well, so you can rock out while you're holding your own in the fast lane.


But you may find yourself turning down the tunes every so often to hear the beautiful sound of the Abarth's grizzly exhaust note, caught on tape by the critics over at Cars.com®. Listen in below, or hear it up close and personal when you take any of our new 500 Abarth models for a test drive, here at TucsonAutos.com, your b>Tucson, AZ FIAT dealership.

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