If you’ve ever been called a fangirl or fanboy, you know that the title comes with an interest, OK an obsession, with a particular topic. Maybe for you its Pez candy dispensers, comic book heroes or a certain period in history. For those of us who are fans of FIAT, the FIAT FreakOut is the place to be.

This annual gathering was held last year in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It’s a four-day event and includes time to gaze at lots and lots of FIATs. In fact, last July the FIAT 500X crossover was present, along with a lot of great vintage models.

Another fun aspect of the FIAT FreakOut is for fellow fans to get to meet each other in person. Many know each other from online interactions but finally get the chance to meet face-to-face.

At Larry H. Miller FIAT of Tucson, we would love to attend this event. If you’ve been in the past or plan to go in the future, stop in and tell us all about it. We’re located right here in Tucson, Arizona, and can browse the lot while we chat.

If you’re not in the market for a new car right now, please consider bringing your current ride in to our service center. Our efficient and professional technicians will be glad to take care of your next repair or maintenance needs.

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